Lala invites you to view her artwork by clicking on to the images. Her main interests are in glass. She fuses coloured glass into clear glass and slumps cut out images into the glass.
Temperatures in the glass kiln can reach between 760▫c - 800▫c , depending on the special effects she wishes to achieve. Her images are mainly in abstract form that evolve into vibrant displays of infusions of colour and tactile feel.
These pieces are intended to hang on the wall as paintings. They are bolted onto walls using sturdy, stylish stainless steel bolts. Each piece is designed to hang approximately 10mm away from the wall to give maximum exposure to lighting. If the ceiling lighting is directed onto the glass, the abstract designs deflect as a shadow onto the wall, offering another dimension to the piece.
Lala has been commissioned to produce one to three or more pieces for walls in receptions areas plus for homes in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney.
Lala also enjoys the process of printmaking,  producing acid etched prints which are sold as limited editioned prints. If you wish to learn more about her work or commission a glass work, please feel welcome to contact her via email - lala.oh@iinet.net.au